Greenwood Hanlon Kendrick
Greenwood Hanlon Kendrick

    L visa submissions are notoriously known for receiving a high level of scrutiny from USCIS officers and, therefore, result in long, extensive requests for evidence. A recent update on the USCIS policy manual has changed the evidentiary requirements for a L visa Petition and
    made it even more challenging for some companies and their employees to successfully prove their eligibility in this visa category.

    The updated Policy Manual has changed USCIS consideration of company letters in support of a L visa petition as primary evidence. What does this mean?

    In the past, companies and their employees, the L visa applicants, relied on the company letter as primary evidence to show that the  employee is in a managerial or executive position to meet this L visa requirements. The change to the Policy manual now requires
    companies and their employees to provide corroborating, objective evidence in conjunction with the company’s letter in support of the petition. This evidence may be difficult to produce.

    Contact Greenwood Hanlon Kendrick today and speak to our team of experienced US Immigration lawyers about strategies on how to meet the new evidentiary standards for a L visa petition and provide the requisite documentation for a successful visa submission.

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